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walk the wintry boulevards

the ocean loves the sea
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22 girl.
books : _themadones
photos : jabberwocky

music : fiona apple, radiohead, the velvet underground, led zeppelin, ben harper, eels, eliott smith, patrice, death in vegas, aretha franklin, morcheeba, simon and garfunkel, billie holliday, portishead, beth orton, martina topley-bird, jimmy hendrix, pink floyd, dire straits, queen, jewel, norah jones, macy gray, bob dylan, hooverphonic, bob marley, massive attack, the who, janis joplin, david bowie, the beatles, asian dub foundation, ani difranco, keziah jones, the pixies, tracy chapman, the doors, blur, the white stripes, jeff buckley, alanis morissette, system of a down, incubus, le peuple de l'herbe, goldfrapp.

films : the city of lost children (m. caro & jp. jeunet), nightmare before christmas (h. selick), forrest gump (r. zemeckis), almost famous (c. crowe), hair (m. forman), pleasantville (g. ross), empire records (a. moyle), the usual suspects (b. singer), stealing beauty (b. bertolucci), black cat, white cat (e. kusturica), that thing you do (t. hanks), ghost world (t. zwigoff), donnie darko (r. kelly), the emperor's new groove (m. dindal), fried green tomatoes (j. avnet), lost in translation (s. copolla), big fish (t. burton), punch-drunk love (p.t. anderson), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (m. gondry), the addams family/the addams family values (b. sonnenfeld), traffic (s. soderbergh).
directors : tim burton, peter jackson, jean-pierre jeunet, joel and ethan cohen, terry gilliam, guy ritchie, cédric klapish and pixar movies (it just fitted in this category).
tv shows : that 70's show, friends, dead like me, six feet under, alias, my so-called life, gilmore girls, ally mcbeal, sex and the city

books : see them here : _themadones